archana hande




Rajamma & A. Rama Hebbar
(d1954)       (b1879-d1948)

My Great Grand Parents
Fathers - Mothers - Parents

artist: B. P. Bairy
painted on canvas cloth
painted in1946



Tales of Patachitrakar

Relics of Grey new
2007 - 2009
2002 - 2008

arrangeurownmarriage installation images new
2008 -2009

All is Fair in Magic White new
2008 - 2009

White Wash coming...






1970 .A child was born to a Kannadiga Brahmin family; technocrats who were precariously balancing a traditional belief system and the call of cosmopolitanism in a post independent industrial town. Rourkela, the town, with its colonial heritage of hierarchical cityscape, modernist - nationalist zeal for developmental construction and the impending political upheaval of the landless, was bursting at the seams. A White town, Black town, Grey town.

2000s. The memory of the hegemonic cityscape of the childhood refracts through the young artist's haunt for a 'room of her own' through the by lanes of the mega city, 'developing' and 'evolving' with murderous zeal. Desire and memory become one complex pattern of shadows and lines, sepia photos and surveillance images blur into each other, authentic and fake become as indistinguishable as tresses of identities in the Bombay local trains. The city and its stiff graph of citizenry, colonial legacy and post-globalisation race of growth; the topography of the urbanity through the blue plastic of the shanty roofs … get entangled in the mirror which is also our boundary wall, the Lakshmanrekha of the gated community.

Madhusree Dutta
Madhusree is a filmmaker and executive director of Majlis, a centre for multidisciplinary art practices in Bombay. She currently lives in Bombay.