Victoria House /
White Town

2006 - 07
Choudhuri House /
Grey Town
2006 - 07
Adarsh Nagar /
Black House



B & W = GREY?
By Paula Sengupta

Rahul Srivastava
2005 - 2007


by archana hande 2006 - 2007





Adarsh Nagar

Adarsh Nagar / Black House 2007
Slide projection, Digital print, wood, plastic

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Located diametrically opposite the White Town both physically and psychologically, is the Black Town, ironically also known as Adarsh Nagar or the Model Town. So well integrated is this little hovel with the exposed brick face of the gallery wall that it almost escapes notice, especially with the omnipresent VT looming large. Like a temporary dwelling, the shack is constructed of flex, polythene sheets, packing materials, stickers, etc., its walls overrun with impressions of railway tracks, the lifeline of Mumbai’s masses and here, the link to the White Town. However, here there is neither a grand façade nor any effort to conceal the private space. As the “model” city intrudes upon the modest interior of the tiny shack, it is almost as if there is no private space and no sense of serenity – all that exists is the struggle to survive, to breathe through a crack in the black depths of this “maximum city”. These are the entrails of the city, visible to all as they make their ceaseless journeys on railway tracks that seemingly never end – a migrant population, identities reduced to a fleeting blur in the rush and din of the local train, often displaced from rural/suburban roots in search of the urban dream.