Victoria House /
White Town

2006 - 07
Choudhuri House /
Grey Town
2006 - 07
Adarsh Nagar /
Black House



B & W = GREY?
By Paula Sengupta

Rahul Srivastava
2005 - 2007


by archana hande 2006 - 2007


Choudhuri House / Grey Town, 2007,

outside view Mirror walls





Choudhuri House





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The Grey Town, unlike either the White or the Black, shows no evidence of its existence, wittily hidden completely from view by a reflective mirror façade that mimics the current trend in architectural facades for commercial/office spaces. At the entrance to the Grey Town are a series of rather grey views on canvas of the slum on the gallery’s terrace that you must necessarily cross in order to reach the door to the Choudhuri House. After negotiating these disconcerting and disorienting spaces, you are confronted by a mind-boggling array of information and images ensconced within the walls of the Choudhuri House. The room is choc-a-bloc with memorabilia, antique furniture, and presided over by a large photographic portrait of the anglicised Archana Devi, proprietress of the Choudhuri House. A family tree, with generations of varying genealogical descent, is painted on the wall alongside documents establishing Archana Devi’s rights of ownership. Re-worked photographs of many of those featured in the family tree hang on the walls, further establishing Archana Devi as a member of the Choudhuri clan.