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Tales of Patachitrakar

Tales of patachitrakar


Video-1 --“An Epic”
Duration: 30mins 47sec


Story Books

“A Tale”

Duration: 40mins 13sec
Format: Mini DV, DVD

Translations: Paula Sengupta, Archana Hande. Jayati Mukherjee, Ira Mukherjee, Mr. Mukherjee
Camera and editing: Archana Hande

Installation: LCD/TV Monitor with head phone

This film is a documentation of 11 songs by the ‘Patua’s’. The Songs are based on the issues I am focusing in “An Epic” film. The film doesn’t have a voice over but I have printed a book which has all the translation of the songs with a glossary of words used by them.

The title of the book is: Tales of ‘Pata - Chitrakars'
Paper used: Handmade paper made of banana or Bamboo fiber, 22 pages. The book is placed in front of the monitor-- “A Tale”