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2. “Story Book”
Based on my experience of my trip to the ‘Patua' villages
Paper used: Somerset England and Arches France
30 pages


Tales of Patachitrakar

Tales of patachitrakar


Video-1 --“An Epic”
Duration: 30mins 47sec


Video-2--“A Tale”
Duration: 40mins 13sec

Story Book

1. Do you know how we Humans were created...
NO! Then I shall tell you the story...
This story has been visualised by the ‘Santal' families of Bihar.

The ‘Patuas' / ‘Chitrakars' of Midnapur district in West Bengal borrow this story from them and paint it with much love.
Paper used: Somerset England
12 pages




3. The Fakir and the Demon
Compilation of many stories told by Patuas
Paper used: Somerset England
13 pages