Victoria House /
White Town

2006 - 07
Choudhuri House /
Grey Town
2006 - 07
Adarsh Nagar /
Black House



B & W = GREY?
By Paula Sengupta

Rahul Srivastava
2005 - 2007


by archana hande 2006 - 2007


Relics of Grey



Victoria House




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Relics of Grey, a project that has unfolded over a year-and-a half. Variously described as “activist, facilitator, interventionist, and maker”, Hande integrates her myriad concerns, her lively narratives, and her diverse creative practices into a single installation here, almost site-specific in nature. The gallery, located within a colonial, hugely expensive, commercial building in Fort, the historic heritage precinct of South Mumbai, houses a slum on its terrace. In close proximity to the gallery is the famous Victoria Terminus, fondly known as “VT” and now questionably renamed ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus’, the point of entry and exit to and from Mumbai’s “Grey” and “Black” towns. Encapsulated within this gallery space are the three sculptural installations, White Town, Grey Town, and Black Town, mirroring the many contradictions and impossible chasms that comprise the megacity Mumbai and its millions who dare to dream.